Venue Dressing

Venue dressing is the final layer in your event and can really change your venue to match your own style.

Our team can dress a venue in any style you like and we have access to a large stock of decorative items, fabrics and props to create a stunning and memorable event.

We dress for weddings, commercial events and private parties and take on bespoke commissions supported by a network of talented makers.

How It Works

Whether you are looking for chair covers and sashes or a full venue make over, we can help.

The best place to start is at your home, looking through your inspirational mood board or Pinterest images together.

We don't have a fixed price list or packages, as we prefer that you choose the elements you want and not what we "normally" do.

Our prices are competitive and reflect the quality of our hire stock and the care our team take to deliver a high quality service.

If we don't have a particular item or theme that you want, we'll work with industry colleagues to give you a one-stop-solution.

Getting a Quote

To arrange a no-obligation home or venue visit, complete the enquiry form below and we'll join you in creating a truely memorable look for your special day.

Venue Dressing Appointment

Build Programme

We have a talented team and network of makers. If you have a particular vision, we can help you make it happen.

We're not just rustic timber! Our team have made everything from art deco bars to full size pub facades!

Give us a challenge and we'll deliver!

Venue Dressing

If you'd like us to dress your venue or marquee, then this is the next step to get a quote.

Complete the enquiry form and we'll get in touch to arrange a home or venue visit.

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