Unlined Marquees

Whilst it's true that most large marquees are fitted with wall and ceiling linings, some are not.

This save £300 or more on the cost of a marquee.

How It Works

The linings are affixed to a long rail or bar that is lifted up by ropes up in to the peak of the roof and both roof linings and the wall linings are suspended on a wire that goes around the whole of the marquee.

Finally we fit weights to the bottom of the linings to pull them straight.

Linings can get quite muddy or covered with liquids in use and our team used a process to identify any that need cleaning and those are wash, dried and returned to use back at Tilly HQ.

Garden Parties

Our Garden Party Packages come with an unlined marquee as standard, this is to keep the price down.

A lining on a 6m x 6m tent is £150 as an optional upgrade.

Canvas discolouration

Canvas changes colour over the years (around 7 yrs from new to disposal) and this is visible without linings.

The outside is not noticably different because the surface isn't changed, but the sub material does yellow with age. So it looks clean from the outside, but slightly yellow as you look through it from inside.

Linings avoid this been seen by your guests.

Unlined Marquees

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