Marquee Layouts

A marquee is an elegant and flexible space to hold your special day. As a wedding venue it'll be flooded with a soft light and if the weather is right, the sides can be lifted to make it a wonderful open entertaining space.

A marquee isn't just a square box - we can partition and extend in all kinds of ways to help you delineate different areas and provide useful spaces for caterers, bars and even hide the band whilst they set up.

Our team will help you configure the marquee just how you want to make your day work best for you and your guests.

Size Is important

Here's our recommendations for marquee sizes for seated guests. These are based on our experience and not necessarily industry calculations.

We find that 8 is the right number on a 5'6" round table and this works well in a 9m marquee. If you go up to 6' round tables, the seats become very much back to back and servers struggle to pass between the seat backs.

50 Seated = 9m x 9m

75 Seated = 9m x 15m

100 Seated = 9m x 18m

125 Seated = 9m x 24m

150 Seated = 9m x 27m

In each case, a dance floor would add 3m to the length.

To install the marquee we would need a clear 3m all around for safe access, lifting and pulling up the roof panels.