Privacy Policy

We keep the following data.

1. On Facebook we receive your profile using the share settings you define. We don't keep any written data from this source. You may remove yourself from this data source by unfollowing our page. You may also contact us using the form below and request that we block you from our page.

2. On our website we keep cookie data which tells us what pages you use but not who you are. We do not keep IP addresses. By using our website, you consent to using the tracking cookies. To remove the tracking cookies, you need to select that option from your internet history.

3. Email enquiries are treated in confidence and your email address is retained during our negotiations and for a period of 24 months following contract completion. You may request the removal of your email from our system at any time after the return of your security or damage deposit by using the form below. We do not use your email for any marketing purposes nor do we share it with any third party.

4. Your name, address and telephone contacts are retained with the contract which we retain for 7 years. This is a paper and digital record and required for our tax records as specified by the HMRC. You can request the redaction of certain information such as phone numbers and secondary contacts, but we are required by law to retain your name and address for the period specified. Paper records are destroyed after a period of 8 years. Digital records are archived at the end of each calendar year. You may request the removal of your personal details from this digital record by completing the form below.

5. Credit card data is not stored on site. Our payment service provider is World Pay and they have their own data policies, but in essence we retain no data, they retain only the data needed to process the transaction. we do not require your credit card details again to refund the deposits as this is an option within the payment portal. No credit card details are available to us during the refund process. Access to this system is controlled and a complaints procedure can be triggered using the form below.

6. Face to face enquiry forms. Sometimes we will ask for your contact details at a show or exhibition. You agree to provide this information to allow us to process your enquiry. The paper records are shredded after we have entered in to contract. If we do not enter a contract then we will retain the records for 3 months for follow up and analysis, after this the records are shredded.

7. General. We will never sell or share your data with third parties. You can ask for a copy of any data we hold which has your details on it. We do not charge for copy data. Copy data may be requested by using the form below.

8. Change of data. If you require us to amend or delete data following a request for data disclosure, then write to us at the address at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, that's not as simple as we'd like but there you go. If you'd like even more detail you can download our full Privacy Policy here.

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Here's how you access, modify or delete the data we hold on you.