16/02/2021 - We're seeing more and more food retailers expanding their delivery operations and our marquees are perfect for sorting and dispatch areas. Here's one at Sainsbury's in Spalding.

17/12/2020 - With the announcement that secondary schools and further eduction facilities must put in place rapid Covid-19 testing facilities for students return, our team have been working to create turn key clinics for the processing of testing in comfort and safety.

14/12/2020 - Here is the latest of our factory dining halls for social distancing. This time it's at Karsten UK in Spalding.

12/10/2020 - Last week was a busy one for us with selling a new marquee, installing that one the next day and another late night put up for a flu clinic for Holbeach Medical Centre.

11/8/20 - We've a great selection of farmers fields and country houses available if you want a marquee and don't know where to put it. Ask the team to make a local recommendation, and we'll pull it all together for you.

8/7/20 - We've a great deal for a local Barn & Marquee for 80 people on the 8th of May 2020. Call us now to find out more - 01775 831137

6/7/20 - It's safety inspection day for the team and we'll be visiting all of the long term marquees out on hire. If you'd like to explore a long term marquee, Select Commercial Spaces from the menu to get in touch.

1/7/20 - Our quote machine has been busy this week with over 30 new enquiries. We also ordered additional marquee kit to make sure we have everything we need for these new bookings for July & August 2020

26/06/20 - Garden Party 6m x 6m packages are very popular at the moment, prices start at £300 for tent, tables and chairs only. If you'd like crockery, glasses and flatware for 30 guests, that's an extra £100. Select Garden Parties from the menu to find out more.

01/06/20 - Covid 19 precautions are all in place including disinfection of equipment, PPE and social distancing measures. We have a giant supply of hand sanitizer! All of the tables and chairs will be getting sprayed before loading and again on collection. Where possible we'll be delivering 48hrs or more before your event to allow things to settle on the hard surfaces.

27/5/20 - We've managed to move almost all of our clients now to new dates! Thank you to you all for your flexibility and understanding. It's going to be a while for you all, but we'll see you soon!

20/5/20 - We are working with our last few clients to organise new dates that work for all of us. In this super weird time, it's great to be able to reassure you that we can still be part of your day and that no one will be paying any more than we originally agreed.

2/5/20 - Great planning session with the Grange Barn in Morton, nr Bourne. We look forward to working a lot with you next year. The Barn looks great!