Tilly is THE Perfect Partner For Your FIXED MARQUEE

We work with your business to provide additional space either on a semi permenant basis or as seasonal support.

Our team can maintain and repair your marquee..


Marquee Cleaning and Repairs

If your business has its own marquee and it is in place permanantly or is erected and dismantled on a seasonal basis, we can help you with routine and ad hoc cleaning, carry out those essential repairs and adjuctments that keep it looking tip top.

We offer lining laundry services, repairs and cost effective renewals of all of the customer facing linings.

Our team can clean and repair lighting and PA installations.

We also provide a re-carpeting service for a mid season freshen up or just as an emergency replacement following a messy event.

Safety Inspections & Maintenance

All Temporary Demountable Structures require a written scheme of maintenance and inspection, which will include periodic safety inspections.

Marquee's all have their own capabilities and to make sure they are always safe and secure, we will carry out periodic inspections and maintain all of the hundreds of fixings and supports that keep your marquee in place.

We can help with ground holding calculations and testing, weather watching and severe weather management and all of the technical requirements of risk assesments needed by your insurers.

This is a cost effective service and it starts with a free on site consultation and marquee assessment.

Long Term and Seasonal Hire

If your restaurant or venue could use extra space - year round or just for the season, we can help source and install your own marquee or even provide a long term hire deal.

Our clear span marquees can provide regular, secure and heated extra space for your business.

We can carry out a full site assessment and provide a business proposal for a marquee installation.

Our team will help you navigate planning requirements, health and safety legislation, fire risk assessments, risk assessments and maintenance schemes.

We offer a support service to purchase your own new or used kit, or provide you with one of our own marquees on a contract basis.

Find out how to increase the capacity of your business today with a free on site consultation with our management team.