Legal Stuff

Because we're a small, family owned business, it means we know how important it is to you that we are an honest and fair business to deal with.

We've been in business all our lives, working with high street brands, prestige retailers in the UK and in Europe and this has given us all of the experience to ensure we are an inclusive business, we respect your privacy, know how to protect the data you share with us, are fair in how we deal with employees and customers.

Here you'll find links to all of our working policies, example contracts and our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to answer you promptly.

Data Use & Protection

We have a fully compliant GDPR data policy. Basically we keep as little data as possible and here's how we use it and how you can change the data we hold about you.

Data protection laws and common sense tells us we need your permission to stay in touch. Without this permission, you may get left out of our offers and news.

If you've been a follower of Tillys Garden Party Hire for sometime you'll already know we don't email people willy nilly. We normally only send emails about the current transaction and our follow up. We're not big in to email marketing. That's just us.

However, we may want to tell you about new things we do, or perhaps offer you a thank you for your introduction to a new client or maybe just to tell you we've moved, bought a new venue or had a baby. To be honest, some of those are a little unlikely, but nonetheless, we need your permission to stay in touch.

The easiest way is to put your email address in this box and tick the box below to stay on our super infrequent mailing list. If you'd like to come off at anytime, you can do so by completing the form here, or just following the forget me link on each email.


If you'd like the full policy, click here.

Data Policy Download

Terms & Conditions

We have a standard contract which we call a "Hire Agreement", this is the basis of our legal obligations and it is bound by English Law.

It is a fair contract and it has a number of terms and conditions to which both parties must agree to proceed with a hire or provision of service.

Once entered into, an agreement may not be varied with out the written consent of both parties.

By clicking the link here, you will be able to download a copy of the Hire Agreement.

Sample Hire Agreement


We provide equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of people’s age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation.

We are a positively inclusive business and our client list shows that we have achieved this since day one. It's not something we "have to do", it's just how we are, which makes it easy to say welcome to everyone.

Tilly. X

Modern Slavery

We are not obliged by law to have modern slavery statement, but we believe it's good practice in any size of business.

In particular, we work with suppliers of labour to ensure that temporary staff are not subject to any harm or discrimination and that venues we attend are working to the same standards as us.

Modern Slavery Statement

Equal Employment Opportunities

We provide equal opportunities for employment by policy and actions.

We have the capacity to modify our work, tasks and methods to accomodate a wide range of needs and will continue to do so as we grow.

EEO Statement