Industrial & Agricultural Spaces

Temporary Structures help businesses throughout the year maximise productivity, safety and are cost effective solutions.

Our marquees are scaleable, secure and managed by our field team to provide you with a turn key solution.

Flooring, lighting, power, welfare facilities, furniture and heating are all provided as required on a rolling contract basis.

Invite us to your workplace and we'll show you what we can do to help you create that extra space you need.

Temporary Storage

Excess or seasonal stock or equipment can be stored in our marquee structures and we can install medium term buildings onto most ground conditions.

Particularly suitable for non-perishable goods, palletised stock, machinery, empty packaging etc.

3 month hires start at £3 per sqm with 2.3m eaves.

Welfare & Dining HAlls

In response to the need for social distancing, we have installed a number of dining halls designed to provide a compliant space for your colleagues to take breaks and eat their meals.

Lighting, heating, lockers, toilets, and power are all available to complete these facilities.

Work Spaces

As businesses grow or deal with seasonal peaks, our extended covers provide additional space for you to work and organise your stock movements.

As shelter from rain and sun, the covers are perfect to improve your working conditions, extend your working space and can help facilitate social distancing at work.

Site Visits

If you'd like us to quote for an industrial or agricultural space, this is the next step to get a quote.

Complete the enquiry form and we'll get in touch to arrange an office or site visit.

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