Indoor Marquees and Hall Linings

Our team can transform all kinds of spaces with linings. Sometimes we can use fixed cables on the building, sometimes it's easier and cheaper to erect a marquee frame inside the space. Either way, the transformation is always spectacular.

How It Works

This before and after shows you how the linings, flooring and a little decoration turns this modern farm building in to a cosy celebration space.

If the structure of the building lends itself to swags, then we can drape the beams and sides using giant fabric sheets rather than go for a full lining.

Sometimes we can come to a venue. particularly a village or community hall and it already has fixing points for a wiring system and linings. In that case it's easy to install linings and your hall caretaker will be able to advise you of who normally does it for them. If it hasn't been lined before, then we can work with the venue owners to install fixing points so it can be done now and in the future.

Getting a Quote

A site visit is imperative for an installation like this and we will happily meet you on site and work out the best way to make your vision come to life.

If you'd like us to come and quote, then fill out the enquiry form below and we'll come and join you on site.

Access and Safety

We will use ladders, scaffolding and access platforms as needed to carry out the lining as safely as possible.

We can provide loading calculations and risk assessments.

On rare ocassions, we may not be able to determin the load bearing capacity of a structure and then we would recommend a frame and lining.

Indoor Marquees & Linings

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