Marquee Wedding

Event Bars

We now bring that Tilly touch to the world of event bars! Our licenced bars provide you with exactly the drinks and style you need to WOW your guests at any size of event.

BAr Types


This is the traditional bar for most events. We bring everything you need to serve your guests drinks throughout your event. Drinks prices vary depending on what you choose, but resemble pub prices. Your guests can pay with cash, most cards and apple pay. For most events, there is no cost to the host.



We can provide a bar for your event, bring our staff, refrigeration, glasses, ice and deal with the waste - just add your own drinks.


Beyond this, we can accomodate token bars, or starter bars - where the host puts in an amount of money to use first and then revert to a pay bar, and even free bars where the host pays for all drinks, in which case a deposit will be agreed.

Your Style

Tilly is well know for it's rustic vibe and it's Barn Wall Marquee is very popular with all kinds of events.

To compliment this, we have a rustic bar front and back which can serve up to 100 people per hour.

Our brilliant LOVE letter bale bar is perfect for rural settings and often clients provide the bales and their disposal.

We also have a Art Deco inspired bar which can be personalised with the hosts name.


Q. How much does a bar cost?

A. A dry hire for 100 guests typically costs around £1000 including all bar structures, bar staff, glasses, refrigeration, ice, garnishes, trained uniformed staff, set up, transport, knock down and waste disposal.

Q. Do you come for free if theres enough guests?

A. Yes. Lets use the example of a wedding. If you have 100 or more guests and want the bar available from 14:00 to 23:30 and we can charge pre-agreed prices, then we'll come for free.

Q. What drinks can I have?

A. Whatever you like. We partner with the country's biggest alcohol wholesaler and we can supply drinks to any taste or pocket. We usually have a planning meeting and agree numbers, drinking habits and choose drinks from a price menu.

Q. Do you charge corkage?

A. Not really. This comes up for weddings mostly. We are happy for you to provide welcome drinks and even table wine. We are happy to run the bar.

Q. Do you have a horse box bar?

A. No, but we have a partner with one of the best in the business. Call us and we'll sort it out for you.

Q. Do you do a Gin/Prosecco bar?

A. Yes, that's what we agree when you choose your drinks package. Botanicals, flavours, mixers - you choose.

Q. What about a cocktail bar?

A. To be honest, no. We're just too clumsy to be considered mixologists. However, if you want a signature cocktail for your guests - then yes, we can pre-mix a batch and serve that just how you like.

Q. Do I need a licence?

A. We will apply for a Temporary Event Notice for you in our name. It's £29 usually and that'll cover the music performance too.

Q. Do you serve alcohol to people under 18?

A. No. Even if you ask us to, it's still no. Not even if it's a free bar. No.

If you've a bar question, click the button and send us an email - we'll come back to you the next working day.