Barn Wall Marquees

This is an impress rustic feature exclusive to Tilly's and has been a popular choice with all kinds of clients who are looking for that rural, country vibe for their event or wedding.

It is a great entrance, or backdrop for your products, head table or photo's.

You can decorate it how you like, attach props, flowers, signs and decorations to create your own style.

We provide warm glowing, festoon lighting to the inside and outside of the wall, which gives it a very authentic Barn vibe.

It costs £750 per gable end in a marquee or can be used with a porch box to make a distinctive entrance.

How It Works

Our Barn Wall(s) are made from recycled timbers and have a rough sawn surface and structure.

It's a real wall, and weighs around a ton! It needs a relatively flat surface to be installed in to the end of our marquee frames.

It has a pair of sliding doors, which can be open or closed by the client.

It has been tested and they've been in use for number of years, gathering repairs as they've needed which gives them an authentic worn and country look.

It fits on any length of 9m wide frame and gives us a barn style venue, in almost any location, with a capacity of up to 150 seated guests for the fraction of the price of barn venue hire.

Getting a Quote

Once we know that your installation location is flat and we can have direct vehicular access to the site, then it's a simple process to create you a Barn Wall Marquee Quote.

Start your quote process here.

Marquee Quotes

Rustic Accessories

To add even more rustic style to our Barn Wall Marquee, we can supply floral trapezees, suspended rustic ladders, small wooden stages, rustic plank backdrops, plank top tables and much more.

When you talk through your plans with our team, we can guide you through these and our build programme to help you create the look you've been planning.

Barn Wall Marquees

If you'd like a Barn Wall Marquee, then this is the next step to get a quote.

If you tick Covid Secure as an option, we will provide a marquee for the ccrrect spacing for your event.

Complete the enquiry form and we'll provide you with a personalised quote for your location plus confim availability.

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