If you live in the countryside or not, lots of people dream of a barn wedding, deep in the countryside. There are lots of wonderful barn venues around our area, but often they are too far away, too small (or too large) and too expensive.

We have taken the essential elements of the barn wall - rustic planks, sliding doors, detailed timbers and a super solid construction - and then put them in to our marquee system so you can have it installed exactly where you want it - be it a venue, field or your own garden.

This means that you can also have it as small or as large as you want, add rooms, build catering areas or even have a bar room added.

This truely innovative feature is the perfect way to bring the rustic vibe to your special day without breaking the bank.

Barn Wall Marquee Night

You can have a Barn Wall Marquee for as little as £2695!

Our 70 person Barn Wall Marquee starter price includes linings, flooring, rustic top trestle tables and folding wooden chairs to give you and your guests the perfect venue for your special day.

Barn Door Close up

Tilly Innovation

Tilly is proud to be the first to offer a barn wall marquee! As an add on to our marquee system, we install a real timber barn wall with detailed beams and proper barn doors.

As a backdrop to your special day, this is hard to beat - especially as we can bring it to your garden, field or favourite venue.

Imagine the style of a barn in your photographs and memories, with the flexible space for up to 150 people, anywhere you want!*

This popular option is a one off, so if you love the idea, call us today to check our availability and we'll give you a quick quote right away.

Barn Wall Marquee Hire

See our BArn Wall Marquee

We've lots of pictures on our instagram page - @tillyvintage and our facebook/tillysgardenparty page - plus if you come to the office, we can show you the images from dozens of weddings.

If you'd like to see it in situ, then we have an annual showcase each Spring where you can see it and touch it, ask questions and work out exactly where you'd like it.

NOTE: Due to high levels of early bookings for 2020, we are planning on this years showcase to be in September.

Barn Wall


Q. How big is your marquee?

A. Any size from 6m x 3m to 9m x 50m - that's pretty big!

Q. How big does it need to be for 100 guests?

A. 100 standing guests mingling at a social event could fit in a space 9m x 9m, but if you'd like them to sit at a formal table, then 9m x 21m would give you plenty of space and room left over for a dance floor.

Q. Is there anywhere you can't install a marquee?

A. We need vehicular access, a flat ground level and the ability to hammer in some large metal stakes - so no, we don't do hard standings or really bumpy fields. If you've somewhere in mind, give us a call and we'll soon tell.

Q. What does your marquee come with?

A. A marquee is technically the frame and canvas, but our quoted prices normally include matting to the floor, linings to the sides and roof plus our crystal style chandelier lighting. All of our quotes are broken down and are simple to understand.

Q. Can I partition off different areas?

A. Yes, we can install interior walls to create separate "rooms" for your guests, bar, caterers prep areas and even provide a reveal curtain for your band or dance floor.

Q. Can I decorate the Barn Wall?

A. Yes, you can screw things to it, bang in nails and do anything but paint it.

If you've a marquee question, click the button and send us an email - we'll come back to you the next working day.

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